Cast Crank, GM OE Rods, Hypereutectic Aluminum Pistons

Small Block Chevy 350CID 365HP Dressed Crate Engine Specifications:

Power: 365HP / 405 ft. lbs. of torque
Displacement: 350 CID
Bore x Stroke: 4.040” x 3.480”
Compression Ratio: 9.1:1
Recommended Fuel: 87 Octane
Block: Cast Iron, 1-piece rear seal, 4-bolt main caps with passenger side oil dip stick hole, brass freeze plugs.
Crankshaft: Cast Steel
Connecting Rods: Stock GM OE
Pistons: Hypereutectic Aluminum
Camshaft: Hydraulic Roller
Cam Lift: .495” Intake / .502” exhaust
Cam Duration @ .050”: 220 deg. Intake / 224 deg. Exhaust
Lobe Separation: 114 Degree
Idle Vacuum: 13” @ 950RPM
Cylinder Heads: Cast Iron GM Vortec
Combustion Chamber: 64cc
Valves: 1.94” Intake/ 1.50” Exhaust
Rocker Arms: Long Slot Stamped Steel, 1.5:1 Ratio
Balance: Internal Front External Rear
Ignition Timing: Base 10 degrees BTDC, 34 degrees total
Recommended Torque Converter Stall 1800-2200

Engine Includes:

Chrome air cleaner
Intake Manifold; dual plane satin aluminum
Holley carburetor; 600cfm
Mechanical fuel pump with plumbing to carb
HEI distributor
Spark plugs and spark plug wires
Harmonic balancer
14” 168T Auto Flexplate
Thermostat, thermostat housing
Complete front accessory drive system with Alt, P/S & A/C
Dyno test results shipped with engine

Warranty: Limited 2-1/2 Year (30 month) / 50,000 mile parts & labor warranty

Put one of these SBC 350 CID 365 HP fully dressed crate engines in your ride and you'll have an amazing new powerplant. Built with a 4-bolt main, one-piece rear main block with passenger side dipstick, and a cast steel crankshaft with 9.1:1 hypereutectic pistons. At the center is a roller camshaft with 220 intake/224 exhaust duration @.050, with 495 in. intake/0.502 in. exhaust lift with a 114 degree lobe separation. Topped off with a set of cast iron Vortec cylinder heads with a 64cc chamber, dual-plane intake manifold, fuel pump w/plumbing and 600 cfm 4-barrel carburetor. This fully dressed crate engine is finished off with valve covers, oil pan, timing cover, harmonic balancer, A/T flexplate, distributor, spark plug wires, spark plugs, air cleaner and front drive system with A/C & P/S .

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Small Block Chevy 350 365HP Crate Engine BP3501CTC1K

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