• Individual self-aligning 1.6 ratio roller rocker arm with locking nut

• Bowtie logo and ratio etched on rocker

• For use with 3/8" stud

• Use P/N 19210729 for complete set of 16

NOTE: When using a high-lift camshaft, check valve spring coil bind, retainer-to-seal clearance and piston-to-valve clearance. Check for adequate pushrod clearance when using on cast-iron heads. It may be necessary to remove valve cover drippers for proper rocker arm clearance.

NOTE: P/N 19210729 cannot be used on ZZ3 engines with orange valve springs.

These Chevrolet Performance aluminum roller rocker arms resemble the ones used in the 1996 Corvette LT4 engine, except the trunnions have been machined to fit early-model 3/8-inch rocker studs. The arms are self-aligning with improved stiffness. They will accommodate up to 0.575" valve lift. They are available in 1.5:1 and 1.6:1 ratios.

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Chevrolet Performance 19210725 Roller Rocker Arm, 1.6:1 Ratio

Product Information

  • $41.20