Fits 4150 flange 4-bbl intake manifold. Throttle linkage accepts most original accelerator cables & linkage and suits most transmissions kick-down cables.

The Go EFI Power Adder 600HP Kit is for the enthusiast that demands more from his system or is planning a future upgrade! This system is capable of 25 lbs of Boost right out of the box and can be used in a blow thru turbo or blower application or on a single roots style supercharger. You can also run a single stage of Wet Nitrous and control your A/F as well as Ignition timing.

Has all of the self tuning features you expect from the Go EFI systems with the extra PRO Features needed for higher output engines. Annular Swirl Discharge fuel distribution as well as Nitrous and Boost timing retard features make this a perfect choice for your Power Adder engine or your normally aspirated engine if you are considering future upgrades.

Initial setup is quick and easy. Simple touch screen selections get you up and running in minutes Self-tuning** After startup the ECU immediately takes over and provides your vehicle with an optimum tune! Basic install can be done with just 4 wires and 2 sensors to install Uses the latest Bosch 4.2 wide band O2 sensor while all other sensors are easily replaceable GM style parts.

The ECU is mounted on the throttle body so there is NO external boxes or harnesses to clutter up your engine compartment or under dash. This saves you a huge amount of time and keeps things simple and neat.

Ignition timing can be controlled and adjusted on the fly from your touch screen controller. Air Fuel ratios can also be optimized on the fly as you drive. Try that with your Carb!

Manufactured with OE engineering. FiTech ECU’s are used Globally and pass euro 5 emissions standards in new vehicles.

FiTech 30004 Go EFI 4 600 HP Kit Features;

• First Class Tech Support!
• Self Learning ECU.
• Fits any 4150 4-bbl intake manifold.
• Throttle linkage accepts most original accelerator cables & linkage and suits most transmissions kick-down cables.
• Works with virtually all types of distributors (HEI, MBI, MSD Ready to Run, points style, etc). Also can be used with or without CD boxes.
• No special distributor is required for Spark/Timing control when distributor’s advance mechanism is locked and inoperative.
• ECU is mounted on the throttle body, No hole in your firewall and no unsightly harness draped across your engine.
• Throttle body has a built-in fuel pressure regulator.
• Choice of three fuel inlet connections.
• (4) Hi-Flow 600 HP injectors with wet flow technology that have a unique Swirl Spray Annular discharge design that assures COMPLETE ATOMIZATION!!
• ECU features Voltage Control fuel pump control. This feature reduces the voltage to the pump under low load conditions such as idle and cruise thus reducing noise and heat.
• Includes O2 sensor and clamp-on style bung flange, no welding required. Just drill a 7/8” hole in your desired location with a step bit. Then clamp on the O2 sensor bung flange and screw in O2 sensor.
• Includes ECU temperature sensor and the most commonly needed reducers.
• Hand-held controller features a touch screen for quick and easy initial set-up.
Below Features are in addition to the standard 600HP Go EFI system.
• Boost Ready Throttle Body.
• Boost Ready ECU 2.5 Bar MAP sensor good for 25 PSI!
• NITROUS control with a host of safety features and accessories for Nitrous tuning.
• Nitrous and Boost specific target A/F target options.
• Boost and Nitrous timing retard strategies.
• 2 fan control (can set at separate temperatures).
• Air-conditioning idle speed input kick up.
• Advanced hand Held Tuning Mode Enabled.

Throttle body has 1 year limited parts only replacement. Limited Lifetime Warranty on ECU

FiTech 40004 Fuel Command Center 2

The Command Center 2 is the ultimate answer to fuel system simplicity! Designed to be used in vehicles with stock fuel tanks converting from carburetor to EFI. The Command Center 2 eliminates that problem. Complete new design from years of testing has resulted in the most effective system anywhere. The pump in the Command Center 2 never gets uncovered because it receives a steady supply of fuel from your existing fuel system. So your system maintains a constant flow of fuel. The built-in regulator eliminates the need for an external regulator. Since the Command Center 2 is constantly circulating fuel to and from your tank, your fuel pump stays cooler and will have a longer life. The fuel pump noise is also muffled by being submerged in fuel 100% of the time. The Command Center 2 is the best way to provide the necessary increase in volume when adding a power adder such as boost or nitrous to your engine. So, whether you are racing, off-roading, or just cruising, this “compact” external fuel assembly is your all in one solution.

Command Center 2 Features:

• Capable of delivering enough fuel for up to 800hp.
• A low fuel level in the fuel tank will not result in pump starvation.
• Single High Volume Flex Fuel 340 LPH pump is compatible with any EFI system.
• Maintains a 1.5 Liter (0.4 Gallons) reservoir of fuel in the module at all times.
• A submerged pump runs cooler than an external pump.
• Eliminates rigging costly EFI quality inlet and return lines for your fuel system.
• No needle seats or floats to get hung up or stick!
• Every FiTech Go EFI System is available with the Command Center 2 as an option.
• Precision machined extruded aluminum tank.
• Compatible with any other competitive aftermarket or factory EFI installation.
• Hard anodized and laser etched for durability and visual appeal.
• Compatible with E-85 gasoline and alcohol or methanol based fuels.
• Compact size makes it easily mountable in a variety of locations.

Command Center 2 Includes:

• Main assembly w/340 LPH fuel pump, regulator, pressure gauge.
• 5ft high-pressure hose & -6 AN fittings connect main assembly to throttle body.
• Hyperfuel high-flow 30-micron EFI fuel filter.
• Return fitting and seals.

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FiTech 32204 Go EFI 600HP Power Adder System with Fuel Pump Command Center 2.0

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