The Go EFI 2×4 Power Adder 1200HP system combined with the Hy-Fuel Dual Pump In-Tank Retrofit Fuel Delivery Kit includes everything you need for installation. This Kit is for the guys who have 671 and 871 roots superchargers or make up to 1200hp naturally aspirated on their dual quad setup. FiTech EFI has made it simple with their Go EFI 2X4 Power Adder 1200hp self-tuning system. Works out of the box on your 2X4 blower plate as an inline setup or can be side mounted using custom linkages. Also, this kit is a bolt on for the most popular normally aspirated dual quad and tunnel ram manifolds including the Edelbrock line of dual quad manifolds without any adapters! They fit and look like they belong there because they were designed to fit from the start. One throttle body handles all of the brains while the second holds 4 additional injectors plus the IAC motor for idle stability. These can also be used in cross ram and tunnel ram configurations. The HyperFuel™ Hy-Fuel Dual Pump In-Tank Retrofit Kit. You can experience the advantage of a high-volume fuel system with the pumps inside the fuel tank. This kit is made to be fitted into an existing or aftermarket gas tank as well as a fuel cell with ease. It features dual 340 LPH pumps that are capable of up to 1600 naturally aspirated horsepower as well as depth adjustable for tanks from 6 to 14 inches. This is the easiest way to convert your fuel tank to an in-tank EFI fuel system.

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FiTech 37064 1200HP Dual Quad Boost Ready EFI System with In-Tank Dual Fuel Pump Retrofit Kit

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  • $2,444.00