4340 Forged Crank, 4340 Forged Rods, Forged Aluminum Pistons, 408CID 6.0L GM LS Forged Stroker Shortblock Engine


Displacement: 408 CID 6.0L
Bore x Stroke: 4.030” x 4.000”
Block: Cast Iron GM 6.0L bored .030”
Crankshaft: 4340 Forged Steel
Connecting Rods: 4340 Forged
Pistons: Forged Aluminum
Balance Front: Internal
Balance Rear: Internal

Head Size / Compression Ratio:

72cc — 10.8:1

Notes: 24X reluctor ring. Cam sensor in the back of the block.

Warranty:Limited 12 month parts only warranty

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Chevy LS 408CID Short Block Engine BPLS4080

Product Information

  • $4,250.00

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