BluePrint Engines Chevrolet 350/400 engine blocks are the perfect foundation for your high performance and heavy-duty applications. They are manufactured from cast iron and come in a 9.025 in. deck height with your choice of a 1 or 2-piece rear main seal. They use a standard-position camshaft location, 4-bolt cast iron main caps, standard main bearing journals, and a standard oil filter location. BluePrint Engines gives you a good start to building a custom street engine with big power.Made in the USA!

Type: Small Block Chevy
Material: Cast Iron
Cylinder Wall : Wet
Cylinder Wall Thickness: .230"
Bore: 4.00" unfinished
Max Recommended Bore and Stroke: 4.060"x3.750"
Deck Height: 9.025"
Cam bearing bore ID: 2.000"
Cam bearings: Not included, recommend Clevite SH-1796S
Camshaft Position: Standard
Cam Drive: Early or Late
Cam Plug: 2 - 7/64"
Distributor Tap Hole Valley: Yes
Freeze Plugs: Supplied
Head Bolt Pattern: Standard SBC
Inside Head Stud Bosses: No
Lifter Bores: Standard SBC
Main Bearing Size: Standard SBC
Main Bearing Bore: Standard SBC
Main Caps: Nodular Iron
Oil System: Main Priority
Oil Cooler Holes: N/A
Rear Main Seal: 2 piece
Hydraulic Roller Provisions: Yes
Tapped Holes: Standard Thread and Pitch
Timing Chain / Gears: Standard SBC
Timing Cover: 8 or 10 bolt
Torque Specs: Inner main bolts 65ft lbs, Outter 35ft lbs
Fuel Pump Boss: Yes
Fuel Pump Pushrod: Standard SBC
Oil Filter: STD SBC
Oil Pan: 2 piece RMS standard SBC bolt pattern
Starter: STD SBC
Clutch Linkage Boss: Yes

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BluePrint Engines BPSB4000200W Small Block Chevy Cast Iron Bare Block 4.00 Wet Bore 2 piece RMS

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