Material: Hypereutectic Aluminum
Compression: 10:1 with 58cc heads
Pin Type: Pressed
Fitment: 5.7L HO, ZZ4 and LT1; high silicon aluminum

Compressing the air/fuel mixture and dealing with the explosive forces inside an engine’s cylinders isn’t a job for weak parts. That’s why Chevrolet Performance pistons are premium quality and factory-tested to withstand the rigors of high-performance street and competition engines. Chevrolet Performance pistons are available in a variety of compression ratios and bore sizes. They’re sold individually, unless otherwise specified, and wrist pins are included.


It’s the classic engine builder’s dilemma: cast or forged pistons? Conventional wisdom holds that forged aluminum pistons are hands-down the stronger option. And while it’s true they are generally stronger than hypereutectic cast aluminum pistons, it’s not to say cast pistons are weak. In fact, modern hypereutectic pistons are made with higher silicon content and offer exceptional strength, as well as thermal properties that generally make them quieter. When determining which piston material to use on your project, a good rule of thumb is this: go forged if the engine is targeted at more than 550 horsepower and/or uses a power-adder, such as a supercharger, turbo or nitrous. Otherwise, save a little money and use the sturdy, modern hypereutectic pistons.

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Chevrolet Performance 10159436 ZZ4 LT1 Piston

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  • $110.00