This forged crankshaft comes with the 58x reluctor installed and uses an 8-bolt flywheel, 3.622-inch stroke

Whether you are building a street or race engine, your choice of crankshaft, the central component of your engine, is crucial to the peak performance of your engine. Strength and durability are important traits of a great crank, and Chevrolet Performance crankshafts are precision-engineered to be both. Chevrolet understands that crankshaft failure can be catastrophic, so their crankshafts are made to exacting specifications and tested against the forces of high performance engines. Chevrolet Performance forged steel crankshafts are forged from exceptionally strong 1053 and 4340 steel to hold up under the most demanding situations. Choose wisely--choose Chevrolet Performance crankshafts.

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Chevrolet Performance 12641691 LSA Forged Crankshaft 3.622” Stroke

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  • $629.99