Chevrolet Performance 10046007 SBC Oil Pum..

Fits all small block Chevy V8 engines, 7/16"-14 x 2 3/8"..


Chevrolet Performance 11515758 LS Engine F..

M8 X 1.25 X 30mm Oil pan bolt12 required per engine (13 required with LS7 and LS9 blocks) Also requi..


Chevrolet Performance 11516521 Oil Pump Pi..

M6 X 1 X 20mm bolt, attaches oil pump pick-up tube to oil pump, see #405. GM LS and Vortec truck en..


Chevrolet Performance 12584922 LS Oil Pump..

O-ring style seal for oil pump pick-up tube to oil pump, see #406. GM LS and Vortec truck engines.In..


Chevrolet Performance 12586665 LS Gen III ..

New updated GM oil pump. Fits 1997-2007 [4.8 (C) (LY2)], [4.8 (V) (LR4)], [5.3 (O) (LMG)], [5.3 (J) ..


Chevrolet Performance 12612289 Standard LS..

Fits all LS-series engines (except LS7 and LS9 applications). Use with (4) attachment bolts P/N 1151..


Chevrolet Performance 12623097 LS7 2-Stage..

2-stage pump for LS7 engines. Will not work on standard LS crankshaftsMust use crank sprocket (P/N ..


Chevrolet Performance 14044872 SBC High Vo..

High-volume pump has 1.500" gears for increased volume. Approximately 25 percent more capacity than ..


Chevrolet Performance 19299222 Chevy V8 Oi..

Mounts a spin-on cartridge for Gen I and II Small-Block V-8s and Mark IV big block Chevy V8. Contain..


Chevrolet Performance 3764554 SBC Oil Pump..

Plastic snap on retainer that holds oil pump driveshaft to oil pump, use with P/N 3998287 oil pump d..


Chevrolet Performance 3848911 SBC Oil Pump..

Regulates oil pressure at approximately 70 psi. Use with high-volume pump, P/N 93427692NOTE: Minimu..


Chevrolet Performance 3951644 Chevy V8 Oil..

Black oxide 5/16” x 1.125” bolt for mounting GM oil filter adapter P/N 19299222. Requires (2) per e..


Chevrolet Performance 3998287 SBC Oil Pump..

Oil pump driveshaft, distributor to oil pump. Requires retainer P/N 3764554 (not Included) ..


Chevrolet Performance 93427692 SBC High Pr..

Production-style high-pressure 1993-1997 LT1/LT4 oil pump with 1.200" gears. Produces 60-70-psi oil..


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