M8 X 1.25 X 30mm

Oil pan bolt

12 required per engine (13 required with LS7 and LS9 blocks) Also requires 2 P/N 12554990 bolts

Front cover bolt

8 required per engine

Oil pump to block bolt

4 required per engine

Chevrolet Performance supplies the performance parts needed, including these front cover bolts, to complete a successful build and to keep your vehicle going strong! Manufactured specifically for use in Chevy engines, the front cover bolts feature a built-in washer face with case-hardened serrations. The washer face and hex head design easily permit the use of a socket wrench for a quick and accurate installation. Chevrolet Performance offers engineered fastening solutions to suit your needs.

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Chevrolet Performance 11515758 LS Engine Front Timing Cover and Oil Pan Bolt

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