• Teflon-coated
• Pre-flattened wire O-rings around each cylinder
• For competition engines with cylinder bores of 4.000" to 4.125"
• 0.041" compressed thickness

NOTE: Drill steam holes when used on 400-ci Small-Blocks. Gasket does not require re-torquing.

Chevrolet Performance cylinder head gaskets, cylinder head bolts and cylinder head studs are the finest-quality parts available. Their superior construction ensures optimum sealing between cylinder heads and the engine block.

Gasket packages contain one gasket unless otherwise specified.

Head gaskets are available in a variety of materials and thicknesses. Use the proper gasket to maintain compression ratios and minimum piston-to-cylinder-head clearances.

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Chevrolet Performance 10185054 Heavy-Duty Composition Head Gasket

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  • $36.68