• For Gen V and Gen VI Big-Blocks with aluminum heads and 4.375" to 4.540" bore size
• Has pre-flattened wire ring and stainless core which makes it ideal for saltwater marine use
• Compressed thickness is 0.039"
• Sold 1 per package

Secure sealing between the cylinder heads and the block is a critical component of making reliable horsepower, so Chevrolet Performance puts the same engineering excellence and manufacturing precision into their gaskets, head bolts, and cylinder head studs as the blocks and heads they secure. Big-Block cylinder head gaskets are available in a variety of materials and thicknesses. Piston-to-head clearances should be considered when selecting gaskets. Use Gen V for 1991-1992 applications. Gasket packages contain one gasket unless otherwise specified.

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Chevrolet Performance 12363411 BBC 1991-up Head Gasket

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