Dual Bolt pattern Fast Burn Aluminum Vortec Design

• Designed for Vortec heads, P/N 12558060, P/N 19300955 and P/N 19300956 only

• Gasket thickness is 0.120" (1/8"), post size is 1.080" x 2.160" with tapered wall, Print-O-Seal design

• Has both early style 6-bolt pattern and Vortec 4-bolt pattern

• Includes 2 gaskets

Chevrolet designed and built your engine to begin with, so why would you go to anyone else for important parts and pieces? When you're installing a new intake, or need to replace the intake gaskets, trust Chevrolet Performance. They have the right intake manifold gaskets to seal your engine up tight.

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Chevrolet Performance 19301685 Fast Burn Intake Manifold Gasket Set

Product Information

  • $42.01