Replaced by P/N 19355812

Use to convert a Ram Jet 350 from MEFI 3 to the newer MEFI 4 design, which provides a better idle through closed-loop operation. Includes ECU module P/N 88962717, wire harness P/N 88961967, oxygen sensor P/N 19178918, intake air temp sensor P/N 25036751, and oxygen sensor fitting P/N 15156588

NOTE: ECU is programmed with a “green mode” that controls the rpm for the break-in period. During this period, engine speed is limited to 4,000 rpm in the first hour, 4,500 rpm in the second hour and 5,500 rpm in the third hour.

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Chevrolet Performance 12499116 Ram Jet 350 MEFI 4 ECU and Harness

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