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We have been in business since 1984. We specialize in custom transmission packages for GM, Ford and Chrysler, as well as being the leader in Ford performance transmissions. We are one of very few performance transmission companies that offer warranties on all their units. We are the only performance transmission company that has a collection of, “Guaranteed Forever” hard parts. We have the largest variety of “Guaranteed Forever” “Street Smart” transmission packages in the industry. We manufacture the only SFI certified Ford FE bellhousing and FE/AOD bellhousing on the market. We developed the multi fit small block Ford Pro Fit bellhousing that accommodates both size flexplates and ALL C4 transmissions. We carry all the accessories to complete the installation of our transmissions. We are experienced in the many, Ford, Mopar and Chevrolet Performance engine combinations and have the ability to match most crate engines with a Performance Automatic product. We have the widest variety and models of Ford, GM and Chrysler transmissions to cover everything from mild to wild and Resto to Pro Street. We have what it takes to complete the Ford Racing Performance Parts, Mopar and Chevrolet Performance line.

Performance Automatic Forged Steel Slip Yo..

Performance Automatic Forged Steel Slip YokesPerformance Automatic is proud to announce its latest a..

Product Unavailable

Performance Automatic Torque Converters

Performance torque converters are generally grouped by size (diameter) and stall speed. As the diame..

Product Unavailable

Performance Automatic PA26440 C4 to C6 Spl..

These Performance Automatic torque converter spline adapters are designed to adapt a C-6 torque conv..


Performance Automatic PAYK13800 TF 727 Sli..

PAYK13800 TF 727 U-Joint 1350 Spline Count 30 Length 6.63”Performance Automatic is proud to announce..


Performance Automatic PAYK26800 C4, AOD, A..

PAYK26800 C4, AOD, AODE U-Joint 1330 Spline Count 28 Length 5.906” Performance Automatic is proud to..


Performance Automatic PAYK35800 Turbo 350,..

PAYK35800 Turbo 350, 2004R, 700R4, 4L60E U-Joint 1330 Spline Count 27 Length 5.47” Performance Autom..


Performance Automatic PAYK36800 Ford C6 Sl..

PAYK36800 Ford C6 U-Joint 1330 Spline Count 31 Length 6.00” Performance Automatic is proud to announ..


Performance Automatic PAYK40800 Turbo 400,..

PAYK40800 Turbo 400, 4L80E U-Joint 1350 Spline Count 32 Length 6.938” Performance Automatic is proud..


Performance Automatic PAYK45800 Ford 4R70W..

PAYK45800 Ford 4R70W U-Joint 1330 Spline Count 28 Length 6.63” Performance Automatic is proud to ann..


Performance Automatic Structural Steel Cro..

Performance Automatic Structural Steel Powder Coated Crossmembers Adding to its extensive line of au..

Product Unavailable

Performance Automatic PA99600 CROSSMEMBER-..

Performance Automatic PA99600 CROSSMEMBER- AOD 1967-73 MustangPerformance Automatic Structural Steel..


Performance Automatic PA99601 CROSSMEMBER-..

Performance Automatic PA99601 CROSSMEMBER- Fox Body Mustang Kit 79-93Performance Automatic Structur..


Performance Automatic PA99602 CROSSMEMBER-..

Performance Automatic PA99602 CROSSMEMBER- 700R4/4L60E 64-67 ChevellePerformance Automatic Structura..


Performance Automatic PA99603 CROSSMEMBER-..

Performance Automatic PA99603 CROSSMEMBER- 400/2004R 64-67 ChevellePerformance Automatic Structural ..


Performance Automatic PA99604 CROSSMEMBER-..

Performance Automatic PA99604 CROSSMEMBER- 4L80E 64-72 ChevellePerformance Automatic Structural Stee..


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