430 lb.-ft. Torque Capacity 24284093 LTG 2.0L RWD SuperMatic™ 4L65-E Four-Speed Automatic Transmission. For use behind the Chevrolet Performance 19328837 LTG 2.0L Turbocharged Crate Engine

• Electronically controlled four-speed overdrive transmission
• Features five-pinion gearsets, heat-treated stator shaft splines, induction-hardened turbine shaft, seven-plate 3.4 clutch
• Gear ratios: 1st: 3.06, 2nd: 1.62, 3rd: 1.00, 4th: 0.70
• Use SuperMatic™ converter for direct bolt up to Gen I and Gen II engines
• Add up to 430 lb.-ft. torque
• Does not include torque converter

NOTE: Use with electronic trans controller P/N 24284066. Does not include torque converter, use GM recommended 3800 stall P/N 24284129

Selecting a strong, durable transmission to complement your high-performance crate engine is easy with Chevrolet Performance’s range of factory-engineered transmissions, installation kits and components. Each transmission kit is engineered with factory-matched torque capacity ratings, helping ensure the transmission you purchase will stand up to the power of your engine, for years of durable service and performance. Chevrolet Performance SuperMatic transmissions offer the ultimate in automatic transmission capability for Small-Block, Big-Block and LS/LT engines and every Chevrolet Performance automatic transmission is backed by a 12-month warranty.

Chevrolet Performance’s gearbox lineup also includes manual-transmissions, including kits that adapt their TREMEC T56 Magnum six-speed to all engine families. They’re perfect for mixing the classic four-speed looks with modern performance in a vintage muscle car, classic truck or street rod.

Chevrolet Performance transmission controller kits complement the ready-to-run convenience of our crate engines, for quick plug-and-play operation.

IMPORTANT! Chevrolet Performance does not include a torque converter with automatic transmissions. A variety of torque converters for 4L60- and 4L80-series transmissions tailored for the wide variety of our crate engines’ performance specifications are available. Select the transmission that’s just right for your project and select the torque converter to match its performance.

NOTE: Chevrolet Performance’s electronically controlled transmissions are not compatible with the mechanical speedometers in older vehicles. An aftermarket signal converter or electronically compatible replacement speedometer is required.


4L60-E Series

The Hydra-Matic 4L60/4L65/4L70/4L75 family of transmissions is differentiated primarily by gearset design. Each planetary gearset in the 4L60 has four pinion gears. There are five pinion gears in the 4L65 and 4L70, but the 4L70 has a higher torque rating. The external dimensions and mounting provisions are identical for each transmission in the 4L60 family.

The maximum torque capacity for each includes:

4L60-E – 380 lb.-ft.
4L65-E – 430 lb.-ft.
4L70-E – 495 lb.-ft.
4L75-E – 650 lb.-ft.

4L80-E Series

The production-based Hydra-Matic 4L80 and SuperMatic 4L85 transmissions are differentiated by gearset design. Each planetary gearset in the 4L80 has four pinion gears, while the 4L85 has five pinion gears. The external dimensions and mounting provisions are identical for each.

The maximum torque capacity for each includes:

4L80-E – 440 lb.-ft.
4L85-E – 685 lb.-ft.

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Chevrolet Performance 24284093 LTG 2.0L RWD 4L65-E Four-Speed Automatic Transmission

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