For use with GM LS and LT Engines

• Allows T56 Super Magnum transmission P/N 19352208 to bolt up to any Gen III/Gen IV LS engine or Gen V LT engine

• SFI steel bell housing

• Includes Block-Saver Plate and attaching hardware

• 5.555" deep

• Clutch kit not included. Use clutch kit P/N 19329635,for engines with 8-bolt flange, including LT engines, P/N 19331082, for engines with 9-bolt flange and P/N 19331079, for engines with 6-bolt flange

• Designed for hydraulic concentric slave cylinder release bearing P/N 24264182

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Chevrolet Performance 19329620 T56 Bell Housing Kit

Product Information

  • $1,149.27